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Our company is proud of individuals in the following areas of law: - &Divorce; Family Law - DUI - Criminal defense - Debt recovery - Civil Procedure Car Accident/Human Injury

Established in 2012


Amin Law is backed by a dedicated legal insight, commitment to creating innovative and personalized legal solutions, and a customer-centric solution. Amine, who boasts a good customer reputation for Avvo, was formerly a public lawyer in Marin County and dealt with both felony and felony. This experience brought him broad experience and skill in the court. Always rely on Amin Law if you want to have a hard-line, aggressive and persistent defender on your side. Amin Law is proud of individuals with family law issues such as: Parental Authority, Support, and Visiting Property Division of Domestic Union Law Spouse's Support/Compensation; Preparation and Rescission of Contract on Inter-Father Disputes Prior to Marriage; amendment of judgment Amin Law is proud of individuals who have the following criminal law issues: DUI/DWI It's a robbery. Drug Abuse/Battery: Violence at home; federal crime serious T

Since he started working at a public lawyer's office in Sorano County, Hysam Amin has been very supportive of his clients. He continued his activities as a public counsel at the public lawyer's Marin office until he embarked on a private business in 2012. While he was in office, Sam represented his customers for both felony and minor crimes.

Sam is divorced &; They represent customers in the field of Family Law: His practice focuses on solution-driven, payment-oriented results, and is generally faster and cost effective. This is especially important when children are involved.

The company also provides high quality legal representation for civil problems, including debt recovery, personal injury, and various other trade-related cases.

Sam is allowed in the California bar. he' is also the Academic Excellence winner of the Witkin Prize. Since

2016, Sam has been recognized as the top 10 of the ten National Academy of Lawyers.

Sam A.
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