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Contact us today for free. We specialize in labor and employment laws and personal injuries. As for the Employment Law, we represent employees exclusively on a wide range of labor law issues, including discrimination against disabilities, sexual harassment, retaliation, unfair retirement, wage and time violations, and the screening of retirement payments. In our injury practice, we represent people who have been seriously injured in accidents such as cars and slides. Dell will ensure that all of you receive the high quality services you expect and the services you need to pay attention to.





I was consulted by Laura Matza for free. She gave me the best legal advice and experience on my situation. I used to deal with a good lawyer, but I had difficulty speaking about the long term. However, from the beginning Laura was a quick problem-solving person who gave me the best possibilities and results in my case.  I am very satisfied with the time I have to talk with her and with her solution. He is a very clever, clear lawyer, and knows how to think of victory!

This law firm is strongly recommended.

12/25/2020 12:42am



I don't want enough about this company. We strongly recommend all three lawyers. My case has not yet ended, but no matter the result, I could not expect any more humane, cruel, or skillful organization. My main contact is Laura Matza. In my case it is small, but Laura and her partner treat it like a large suit of a million dollars. I only want to thank their representatives and give them 10 stars.

01/01/2021 07:53am



Laura is amazing. He was recommended to the lawyer's office in San Mateo County. I needed help reviewing some legal documents and she was eager to be instructed. She replied quickly and sent me emails many times, so I gave her advice before meeting her directly. She enjoys working together, is meticulous, has the patience to explain the meaning and meaning of things. I highly recommend it.

12/27/2020 03:33pm




I worked with Katie Bain. She was very thorough and preconceived through the process. I'm really happy to find a company that has helped me tackle the complex employment problem and is really happy with the results of their work.

I will work with them again.

12/25/2020 10:14pm



Wow, this company is wonderful. Bain Mazza & on line. Debsky contacted me about the injuries he got in the car accident. The next day I was called back (!!) I was consulted by phone later in the week.

When I spoke to Mr. Bain, she was very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Finally, I decided that working together on this issue was not the right choice. But Mr. Bain recommended me another representative and showed me the best way. Ten minutes later! Great. In the future, we will always maintain their services. I sincerely recommend it.

12/29/2020 01:55am



Wow! I had problems at work that neither the HR, the manager, nor the sales department could agree with. My union lawyer left town and I was SOL. I thought so. So I called the company at random.

The problem with the timecard was trivial and I called the employment company. The message I left was blatantly ignored or "I don't know! Search on Google yourself!"The so-called law office clicked on the "receiver". I know that my case doesn't need trial or trial  A lawyer may make a lot of money.

My trivial problem was not ignored. One of my gentle lawyers answered my message within an hour and gave me great advice over the phone. Even if he wasn't a legal client, he didn't expect to start ten. Wow!

This company is not bad! !

12/28/2020 06:56am



My review is based on complex legal issues that are less determined by the plaintiffs' favor. age discrimination In my case, my former employer decided to go to court rather than settle down. This trial continued for more than two years. We won thanks to Laura Matza, Katie and Katie, Katie Bein and Katie Devsky's determination, technology and teamwork.

When I first contacted the company, Laura immediately returned a voice. I visited their offices and met Laura and Katie Bain. At first I didn't think there was a case that could win, but then I thought there was some difficulty and they caught up with the witness I proposed. My story agreed to cooperate and accept me.

My ex-employer completely refused to negotiate this matter and was forced into a trial that started in March 2016 and ended a week later. The company spent a huge amount of time collecting information, investigating the legal laws and preparing for the case. When the trial began, the effort increased beyond the previous work, but I kept humor and agility, got me involved and engaged, and tried every day excellent court strategies, tactics and behaviors.

To know how good this company is doing.

If you file a suit with this company and go to trial, you can cooperate incredibly well, contribute your expertise, and give them eight stars, as the last researcher said. 10.

12/26/2020 04:17am



Recently, I used Bain, Matza and Devaki to help resolve labor disputes.
My lawyer is Katie Bain, and I must say she was wonderful! Friendly, professional and great follow-up!
I strongly recommend them. Let's use it again!

01/01/2021 03:57pm



I called this law firm this morning and said that when the lawyer came back from the court, he would return the phone. Unfortunately, Kati Devsky called me that he didn't do the Workforce. She was said to be a nice woman and spent time listening to me. Even though I had no intention of accepting this case, I had hoped that more lawyers would not be branded on them. It sounds like a cool person to deal with

12/30/2020 04:18pm



I hired another labor lawyer to help my employer, who tends to ignore the need for adequate accommodation to do his job. Most labor lawyers first teach us what the rights of employers are. But Laura Matza was a wonderful person. Her 'bedside manner' was compassionate and she emphasized my rights from the beginning. She is eager to express me as a disabled and employer. I like work, but I need legal power because my employer is not flexible enough to meet my needs. I think Laura can continue working with what I want to help me! If you are facing violations of FMLA or ADA, I recommend you to work hard. Thank you, Laura!

12/26/2020 09:29am