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During the last 29 years, our company has been trusted to unite families in the United States. We understand big gambling, so we play. When you lose, you feel pain and when you win, you feel joy, so you pay attention to each individual problem individually. We love solutions and enjoy providing a winning strategy that is unexpected in the difficult immigration situation. 29 years of successful marriage application process, renunciation of I-601, elimination of I-751's conditional status, naturalization of N-400, appeal of N-366, appeal of BIA, ninth litigation, DACA, fiance, firm representation in all courts, RFE responses and intent CIS, special appeals of young immigrants, Violence Against Women (VAWA), interview on fraud, and all family-based appeals are rejected. As the law firm grows, we don't forget the roots of immigrants. We are proud to have helped thousands of customers who have trusted our services. If you have any questions about immigration, please contact us now.

Established in 1992


Starting on July 17th, 2020, an initial application for DACA was accepted. 29 years of appeal, all waivers, family petitions, marriage petitions, BIA appeals, ninth circuit and immigration court experience of deportation defense

I moved to California at the age of 14 and got an engineering degree before I got a Ph.D. in law. Enjoy the mountain viking and writing.

Best Bets: Voice of Calm, Superbelghts Magazine 2011.

Why are we?   No hidden costs, no pressure, no surprise! The customer's own interest is the highest, and it's definitely the first.
We are kind and knowledgeable. We have more than 29 years of experience. We will patiently explain the law so that customers can make informed decisions.

Spanish, Mandarin, French and Italian are spoken by staff.

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If you need expert advice and experienced and stable skills to guide complex and complex processes, Haitham Blout and his team are the right choice.  It took many years to find a lawyer with enough confidence to deal with our case. In the second consultation, I finally found the right professional help.  The first trust we felt from the beginning was not abandoned throughout the process, and we received the results of our success.
I strongly recommend Mr. Hytham Baraut and his team.

12/29/2020 09:28pm



Before I found Mr. Barrot, I had been in a really tough situation for 2.5 years. After receiving the consultation, I hired him the next day. for he was confident in my case. He calmed me down and continued to tell me that everything was all right. He took time to listen to me and gave me confidence. He explained everything to me so clearly that I was very helpful.  He made everything slip quickly. After submitting the green card application, I finally got a green card nine months later! Thanks to Hytham Baraut and his team!

12/29/2020 12:50pm



I wanted to apply for a green card for the financial at that time, so I contacted Borot. Our situation was a little more complicated than usual.  We answered all our questions, and the application was approved without delay, and the travel plan was realized.

Working with Hytham was a great experience overall. I strongly recommend his service.

12/30/2020 11:26am



Mr. Barout Hytham is the only person I can rely on and defend his words.

12/31/2020 04:24am



I got a green card in less than three months! Yes!

We've been working with another lawyer, so we spent thousands of dollars each time to get more trouble. My husband and I were frustrated and ended up relying on Elip's critique. Fortunately, I found Atty Ballout and finished reading its good rating. There are only a handful of reviews  Then he threw all five stars. (Thanks to everyone who gave me a great rating!) I was in his room for the first few minutes, and we know to hire him. His first few words comforted us, saying our case was not hopeless. He told us not to put on our troubles, as he would do his best to help us and win this case. He is realistic with bad results, but at the same time reassuring. The day went home full of hope. It's different from when I got bad news from my previous lawyer.

A brief background of our case...The first offer of the former lawyer was rejected. The simple cases became complicated. A letter from the Ministry of Finance to the Ministry of Finance for Japan's Application for Exemption from Liability was received. We were very depressed! So I consulted another lawyer and gave him several advice. Some people set the service at a price that they don't understand.  I was really happy to see the Yelp review!

Atty Baluot has spent more time with us than with our other lawyers. We brainstormed for hours and identified the possible solutions one at a time. If you are looking for a competent, reliable, easy-to-work and affordable lawyer, you can't find anywhere else.

His approach to his client does not seem to be a lawyer of his relationship with his customers, but instead he feels that his family will help you. He's really a super lawyer! Thank you for getting off to a new start! Thanks! !!  Thank Daisy for email and communication!

01/01/2021 01:39am



Mr. Barrot is a man of sincerity.  It was the impression of me when I first met him, and nothing changed.  Not only did he take time to know my case, he took time to know it  Me.  He made him understand my values and how my life would benefit from this incident.  This seemed really important to him  That was certainly important to me.  He is a learned and professional.  His manner was calm and, in a tense process, I was able to calm myself.  The incident was not surprising as he told me what to expect in every step of the road.  He wants to be unconditionally recommended.  I felt the time he spent discussing the incident, and I thought it was right to attend the interview and spend money.

12/30/2020 06:04am