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The Aragiri Immigration Law Office has a personal interest in customers and their families. Experienced Sammatteo immigration lawyers at the company take time to provide thoughtful, informed legal advice based on their personal and professional experiences. No matter how small they are and how much they care about their customers, they pay attention to the details. The company is proud of their reputation and they acquired it by being honest, considerate, knowledgeable, and diligent. They address a variety of complex issues and provide dedicated support to customers worldwide. Call the Aragiri Immigration Law Bureau now to discuss the first case.

Established in 2005


The Aragiri Immigration Law Office is the Boutique Immigration Law Office in the Bay of San Francisco, San Mateo, California. They serve customers and their families across the United States and serve people around the world. The company only deals with immigration laws and has successfully dealt with a variety of complex immigration issues. The cases covered by lawyers include the following humanitarian cases: family and employer-provided green cards, work visa applications, US citizenship, T-visa, U-visa, asylum issue, VAWA self-petition, etc. Please consult your company for details on their operations and how to help them.

Priya Alagiri is an award-winning lawyer. He has a legal firm representing  Fortune 500 companies and a key position in the U.S. government. In particular, Aragiri was appointed president from 1998 to 2001. After she left, she came to the United States government and Andman; #39; It won an honorary award from He also worked in the U.S. Congress.

Aragiri, who came from a family of immigrants who entered the U.S. on various visas, has been specialized and personally interested in immigration laws for many years.   He lived and worked in India, China, South America and Europe.

Alagir held a leading position in the American Association of Immigration Law Lawyers, a leader of other lawyers, and a presentation of various immigration issues.   Her company represents customers on a variety of immigration issues around the world.

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I contacted the company about the green card case.  Everyone in the company was very useful, and the case was approved without any problem and quickly.

This company is a great company to do excellent work for the best interests of its customers. Everyone I spoke of was very kind and very useful.

12/27/2020 09:49pm



I found this company a few years ago. I met Priya Alagiri after I made a few promises with my lawyers. She was a very professional and spent a lot of time answering all my questions and clearly explaining the immigration procedures. I decided to hire her to apply for a U visa. I got a U visa almost four years ago. The Priya promptly replied to all my emails and gave me a message:  The process was in progress. Last year I hired her again and decided to apply for the green card. She also helped me with the same professionalism as before. I got a green card a few weeks ago. If necessary, I'll hire her again.

12/25/2020 06:29am



The law firm in Aragiri always passes for my customers. Priya is very sensitive and takes a step further so that customers can understand their rights and fully understand each step of the immigration process. She combines legal expertise and compassion. I strongly recommend the law firm in Aragiri.

12/30/2020 05:46pm



Frankly speaking, I want to avoid Priya Aragiri. As for me, she said nothing but obvious, and had no concrete, deep, precise answer to our inquiry. Since there are many questions about two years of visa status and exemption, I especially asked Indian people if they have expertise and experience with J1 visa. They talked to me as if they knew a lot about the J1 process, and they gave me points. While talking on the phone, Priya seemed disappointed to answer our specific questions about J1 because she knew nothing. It was unbearable, but she gave a misleading answer to our question. I said I can't convert from F1 to J1, but this is wrong. She did not know much about the documents, and said it was difficult for India to be exempted from the status of residence for two years. She repeated the obvious and kept thinking about our situation. She repeated that she had only to avoid J1. If there was room for choice, even we could avoid it. But we've worked on this problem, so we just ask for an answer to the next step. It is necessary for positive results or to minimize negative results as much as possible. We don't go to the lawyer, so we complain about our situation with us. Such an incomprehensible answer did not help us so much that she charged $105 for a 30-minute phone call. I don't recommend her, especially if you have more specific questions on the J1 front.

12/26/2020 07:01pm



Simply put, Priya is the best! After having used a lot of immigration lawyers in recent years, I can say that my work with Priya was like fresh air. She reassures you while she's working, she's very professional and she'll do it quickly. This year, my wife and I went through the green card process and received it via email thanks to Priya. The process began with a story of horror that my friend told me two years ago. They didn't have Priya...My wife and I felt that they were always used. I can't say the same thing about the city's lawyer company that I used before. Priya knows what she is doing and I can't recommend her enough.

12/28/2020 10:09am



Priya was great to work together. Spend time and effort on all questions and answer quickly.

Alagiri I would like to invite you to join the law firm and work together.

12/28/2020 06:12am



Priya was very knowledgeable and helpful when she contacted me about my company's visa issue. I would like to consult with her promptly and professionally.

12/27/2020 10:59am



Priya is a very capable immigration lawyer. She was able to answer questions that were really difficult because she was familiar with the immigration procedures (consult the H1B). She is kind and responds quickly. I strongly recommend her.

12/29/2020 12:15pm



Priya is very helpful in her consultation and takes thorough action. I've been consulted by phone on a variety of immigration issues, and she got most of the answers and good advice.

12/26/2020 09:03am



Priya is a very good and knowledgeable immigration lawyer. I am very satisfied with the immigration service she provided.

Good point:
1. He is well-versed in professional-class
2. immigration laws.
3. Fast and efficient.
4. Fair price.

We strongly recommend that you use the Prier for Immigration Services.

01/01/2021 06:18am